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Oven Shiners - Professional Oven Cleaning Croydon

Thanks for visiting Oven Shiners - Oven Cleaning Croydon for professional cleaning of ovens in the Croydon area. Oven Shiners are a family run oven cleaning company based in Caterham near Croydon covering the Croydon area including: Sutton, Bromley, Caterham, Orpington, Epsom, Godstone, Merstham, Redhill, Edenbridge, Oxted and Westerham.

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Our 39 Semi deep cleaning offer is only available for the customers in South Croydon, Purley, Kenley, Selsdon, Warlingham, Woldingham, Whyteleafe and Caterham due to transport costs outside these areas.

Our oven cleaning service uses specially developed equipment and cleaning products that ensure first class results every time. These include a custom built van mounted heated tank, where all removable parts of the oven are cleaned. No caustic chemicals are used in the cleaning process.


We mainly use biodegradable products, specifically developed for the process, that are 100% safe with no fumes or odours, and your oven is ready to use as soon as we finish. Call 0188 333 8451 for prices and information or contact us online.

Why Choose Oven Shiners For Oven Cleaning in Croydon?

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Return your oven into NEAR SHOWROOM CONDITION with ECO friendly chemicals and Bio Oven Cleaning

It is very important that the cleaning chemicals which are used to clean ovens are safer. Most of the chemicals are sold in the market today are with caustic and toxic which may be very harmful to human lives. Some of them are cancerous. We Oven Shiners do use only 100% bio degradable chemicals which are specially developed for the process. Therefore we assure that our chemicals are non-toxic, non-caustic and fume free. In short, they are ECO friendly.

Deep cleaning of an oven is a time consuming and very hard task. Back panel, fan, side panels, bulb and its glass cover and chrome racks are to be cleaned properly in order to remove burnt fat and grease. The hardest job is cleaning the roof of an oven. Doors are the next task. The cleaner has to dismantle the door and clean all glasses in and out and fix it back properly. Unlike other domestic cleaning, ovens should be cleaned by professionals. All technicians of Oven Shiners are well trained by a professional body. So, let your most hated job be handled by us professionally.

Affordable Fully Insured and Professional Oven Cleaners

Our oven cleaning prices are are always competitive and offer great value for money. Give us a call on 0188 333 8451 and we will have your oven looking as good as new in no time. As a family run business we pride ourselves on offering a reliable, affordable and fully insured oven cleaning service across the Croydon area. In Croydon we cover: Sutton, Bromley, Caterham, Orpington, Epsom, Godstone, Merstham, Redhill, Edenbridge, Oxted and Westerham.

If you need reliable oven cleaners for your kitchen oven cleaning then call Oven Shiners on 0188 333 8451 for prices and information or contact us online.

Risk factors of using a greasy oven

1. Greasy ovens may produce smoke and unpleasant smell.

2. The unpleasant smell also may absorb into food, and as a result of that, food which is cooked in such oven may not be healthy.

3. Possible food poisoning due to offensive fumes produced while burning left-over food splatters and spills.

4. Due to the greasy fan and oven roof and walls, food might not cook well, since there is no proper air circulation equally within the oven.

5. Baking foods inside of a greasy or dirty oven may cause severe FIRE HAZARDS.

We Clean Ovens in the Croydon and Surrey Areas

You can be assured that our oven cleaning service will be of the highest quality, carried out by a reliable competent, honest oven cleaner. Our oven cleaning service covers the Croydon area including Sutton, Bromley, Caterham, Orpington, Epsom, Godstone, Merstham, Redhill, Edenbridge, Oxted and Westerham . Get a oven cleaning quote or call 0188 333 8451 for an instant oven cleaning quote. If you are looking for professional, fully insured and reliable oven cleaners in the Croydon area contact Oven Shiners oven cleaning Croydon today!

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